Promaco Conventions your next association secretariat

Promaco Conventions has organised over 400 conferences since 1987. In this month’s issue, Promaco Conventions would like to share with you our newest service of providing association management. 

Having worked with a lot of associations and societies in managing conferences, Promaco Conventions has a deep understanding and knowledge of how an association is run. The benefits of outsourcing secretariat services will improve efficiency, reduce costs in the long run and support strategic initiatives. 

At the beginning of this year Promaco Conventions was appointed the association secretariat of AETM. Promaco Conventions has been the Professional Conference Organiser for the association for two years and in this time gained an understanding of what the association does. However, the committee shared with us the difficulties of setting goals, strategising and trying to provide the best for their members whilst concurrently managing administration tasks. 

It has been around six months since Promaco Conventions was appointed as association secretariat, so we asked the president of the association, Scott Doyle, a few questions on his experience in outsourcing to a third party. 

1. Please explain in short what AETM stands for and the main goal of the association?

AETM is the association for Audiovisual and Educational Technology Management. 

AETM members are key decision makers, innovators and managers from a wide range of organisations that use AV and educational technologies. AETM negotiates collective AV industry standards, provides professional accreditation and fosters the free exchange of information amongst its members. The association represents this group and provides various means for networking together.

2. What is your role, as the President of AETM? 

Being the President representing my peers is an honour; especially as our members are the majority and from largest Universities in Australia and New Zealand. As the association committee is a voluntary role, we all donate our time to not only run the association but to run scholarship programmes, conferences, small events and to finance these initiatives.

My role as President is to guide the strategic direction the association needs to take from time to time to enhance our offerings to members and to provide the industry community with networking opportunities.

3. Since Promaco Conventions has come on board, do you feel Promaco has been assisting in supporting your role as President? How has your role changed? 

The role of President in the past was very operational, this has been relieved since engaging Promaco. Our day to day and annual initiatives are now administered by Promaco, allowing the time to think strategically about the direction of the association, instead of being in an operational model.

4. What is the goal for AETM in the next 2 to 5 years? How do you see it heading in that direction? 

The goal of the AETM is to keep providing our respected and sought after high-level of service to our members; whilst growing the association by reaching out to similar sectors such as K-12 schools who also need a professional network of peers to engage with.

To grow the association, we need to reduce the cost to members whilst balancing the greater administrative cost required to do that. We are always looking at new initiatives to bring in members and these must match the requirements our current members have as well.

5. Were there any hurdles transitioning and handing over tasks and information to a third party such as Promaco Conventions? 

The biggest hurdle for me as an operational type President was letting go of the administration reigns. Grace and Jess have been patient and professional at every step, the transition was even easier than I expected, and it is so nice now to be “managed” as such by Promaco to ensure the committee is functioning well and performing it’s duties.

Even the fact that we are on opposite side of the country has not affect the transition of administration, I’ve just got to remember not to call them too early before the office opens.

6. How has your overall experience been with Promaco managing the AETM Association? Would you recommend hiring a third party such as Promaco to assist in managing an association? 

For a company who has taken on a new service offering like this, you would never know that Promaco was new to this area. Dealing with Promaco previously as a professional conference office, the AETM knew we were engaging with a very professional company who are just simply fantastic to deal with. I would have no hesitation in providing a recommendation to another association for Promaco’s services. 

If you are an association that is struggling with focusing on the goals and objectives of the association due to administrative and day-to-day tasks, contact us today and get a competitive quote. Promaco Conventions is confident that we can provide the professional services you need.