AIME 2018

February has flown by and this month has been a busy period for Promaco Conventions. We have been in full throttle with managing our conferences this year, securing new events for 2019 and also partnering up with AETM in managing their association. As a PCO, we understand that many associations and societies consist of volunteer committees. It is the case for AETM and that is why we are so pleased that they have entrusted us to manage their association. We would like to think that by assisting with the administration and secretarial aspects, the committee now can focus on what's more important, such as the performance of the association, being relevant to their future and existing members and executing the association's strategic plan. Things that some association fall short of as they are too busy with administrative obligations. 

If your association require some administrative assistance, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist where we can.

Promaco Conventions aim to go the extra mile for all our clients. As a PCO, it is important that we are keeping up to date with the latest trends and building the relevant relationships within the meetings and events industry. We do all this, so we can give our client the very best when managing their conference. 

The Asia-Pacific Incentives and Meetings Expo is held every year in Melbourne. It is an opportunity for meeting professionals from all over Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia to come together under one roof. The exhibition attracts over 4000 suppliers, meetings and event planners where delegates can connect, learn and prosper over the two days. 

Promaco Conventions attends the AIME expo each year, to discover new products and make connections to not only improve Promaco Conventions as a business but to be able to offer current and innovative technology and insights to our clients to make their event a success. 

Technology Trends growing in the conference industry
We have seen the trend of the conference app in the past couple of years increase with more conferences opting for this option instead of printing. And now the conference app seems to be a thing of the past, with more technology innovation on the rise. 
So, what new trends are emerging? 
Below are a few that are game changers and rising in conferencing. 

1. Self-check in & badge printing
Delegates can self-check in once they have registered online and print their badges at the conference. This is similar to self-check in at the airport. This can minimise long lines and waiting period at the registration desk, especially during the first day of the conference. 

2. Digital show bags
At AIME, Promaco Conventions came across a new technology called Kanduko Readers. They were at every exhibition stand and visitors tap their name badge onto the reader to electronically receive information about the exhibitor. This reduces or eliminate the brochures that delegates tend to collect at a conference. 

3. The ability to make appointments with exhibitors
Just like building your agenda on the conference app, this trend allows delegates to make business appointments with exhibitors prior or during the event. This allows for business and consumer more time to discuss and connect knowing that a time has been secured into their diary. A draw card for exhibitors. 

These are just a couple of trends developing in the conference industry and can be the next big hit at your next event. For more information about how Promaco Conventions can assist in that success, contact us