5 tips to beat the holiday blues and settle back into work

Happy New Year everyone! 

Promaco is back in the office and this month, I thought I would share with you some tips to guide you into a prosperous new year. Christmas and New Year’s flew by and after the holidays, it can take some time for you to settle back into work. Usually you get those holiday blues, where you miss relaxing and being with family and friends. Now you are back at your desk and you have 100 emails to get through. It can be overwhelming, especially on the first day. Below are some of my tips I use to settle back in. 

Get rid of unnecessary distractions
My first tip to make your transition back to work is to get rid of distractions. Most of the time this would be your phone. Leave your phone in your bag or put it in your drawer, or anywhere out of your sight. Having your phone directly close to you can make you have the sense to pick it up, look at your messages, scroll through your social media page and worst of all keep looking at this holiday pictures, just makes you wish you were still on holiday sipping cocktails. By getting rid of distractions, you can work as quickly and efficiently as possible without having to refocus every five minutes.

Make a to-do list
I love lists! So, this is a must for me. A to-do list will help you focus, see your tasks more clearly and help you keep on track. My tip is to list out everything you need to do for the week, then prioritise and write out daily tasks. This way, you know which tasks are urgent and need your attention and which tasks are not. You will never miss a deadline again. 

Create deadlines for yourself
This tip ties in from #2. Creating deadlines for your tasks tells your brain you need to act. If you don’t have a deadline, it’s an invitation to procrastinate and get distracted. Because we get the impression that we have time and keep pushing everything back, until it’s too late. For me, I will write my lists from the most urgent to the least urgent and write dates on specific deadlines I must meet. 

Don't check your emails too early
I once went to a business event and the person who was speaking gave me this tip and it has helped me ever since. He said to never start work checking your emails. Start work by checking your to do list and doing at least one task. This helps you focus in the morning on one thing and finishing that task instead of spending your whole morning replying to emails, chasing up people and adding more things to-do when you still have tasks that you have not yet finished. This tip has been a life saver, trust me!

Do one thing at a time
This tip is a good reminder that it is unnecessary and sometimes stressful to try to juggle 3 things at once. I am guilty of doing this- especially after your holidays, you have a million things to catch up on, so you try to juggle as much as you can. However, this might not be the most effective approach. Sometimes the best approach is to slow down, focus on one thing and go onto the next. This takes a load off your shoulders, you don’t get confused or stress yourself out and you avoid half completed task.