3 Key tips for associations and organisations to help increase conference attendance

The committee is assembled, planning is underway and now you just need the attendees to register. Sometimes, this can be the hardest factor of the event- how do you get delegates to register and meet your goal? Every conference is different, and each attendee has their own reason for attending. While there is no magical solution when it comes to increasing conference attendance, we have compiled 3 key tips to help increase delegate attendance.

Allow time to strategise and come up with a promotional plan and market your conference well. If you leave this too late, it might impact conference attendance numbers. We always recommend that the committee focus on building the program as early as possible and have a first draft published before early bird deadline ends. By issuing the program as early possible, delegates will be more obliged to purchase a ticket, as they know what they are buying.

Marketing Strategy
Have a clear marketing strategy and know your market. Don't waste time on vast marketing campaigns trying to attract anyone and everyone to attend the event. Invest time in narrowing down the target market and building a strong database of people the conference is most relevant to, so that your message isn't lost in the crowd.
Use the platforms that are relevant to connect with the attendees. If your potential conference attendees are young and social media savvy then Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may work in connecting with potential attendees. Other target markets highly value face-to-face connection or hardcopy flyers and will respond best to these methods.
Invite early and remind often
It is important to let delegates know about the event coming up ahead of time. This allows them to plan for the event, add it to their calendar and it reduces conflict of commitments. Especially for national and international events, delegates might need to apply for a visa, annual leave and organise flights and accommodation.
Once a save the date email is sent, follow up emails should occur. The more personal you can design the invitation the more likely the delegate will feel to register. We can't express enough how important it is for keep them informed and engaged about the event and that it stays front of mind of the potential attendees. Updates about the event should be regularly communicated to your database and you can do this via email, e-newsletter, flyers and/or social media. Promaco Conventions uses a sophisticated software to re-invite potential delegates via email. And it only resend the email if they haven't registered or given a reason why he/she is not attending.

These are just a few useful tips to encourage more people to register for the event. But of course, there are other activities to be undertaken to guarantee a great attendance at your event. Contact Promaco Conventions today to see how we can help your event to be a great success. We can provide you with a free quote and budget.