Promaco Conventions Accredited as a Certified Event Company

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Tourism plays a big role when it comes to conferencing and business events. And this year, it is exciting to see that Tourism Australia is heavily investing in making Australia a prime destination not just for leisure visitors, but also for business events. 

In March, Qantas introduced its first direct link ever between Australia and Europe and using Perth as a hub. Now your delegates and speakers can fly directly from London to Perth. The development of this, is a game changer in the conferencing and tourism industry and it is only the beginning. 

More information can be found here.

Applications for Tourism Australia's Advanced Program is also now open until 6th of July. What is the Advanced Program? The Advanced Program supports marketing activity to help increase international visitation to confirmed business events being held in Australia. The program can also assist with bid marketing and the program can add value to an existing event bid strategy. The Advanced Program offers marketing partnerships with Tourism Australia that are determined via a submission and assessment process. Promaco Conventions has successfully participated in the TA Advanced Program with the IMC12 Conference last year. As part of the marketing strategy we developed a promotional video for the conference. You can view the video here

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Promaco Conventions Accredited as a Certified Event Company
For the past few months Promaco Conventions have been working hard to put together our application for event company accreditation from the Professional Conference Organisers Association. 

What is PCO Accreditation?
PCO Accreditation is a set of standards that has been established by the PCO Association and its members. Standards that are recognised as the minimum standard level of service and business practices.

It was important to us as a business that we met these standards to give assurance to both our client and industry, that Promaco Conventions is committed to the highest quality event management practices, delivering consistency and reliable services and dedication to continuous improvement.

We are very proud to be one of only two Certified Event Companies in Western Australia and commit to providing our clients with the upmost professional management service.