Risk Assessment and Conference Insurance

Promaco Conventions obtains and will maintain all necessary or prudent insurances in providing the Services to the reasonable satisfaction of the Client, including professional indemnity and worker’s compensation insurance and will at any time upon engagement as conference organiser provide to the Client written evidence of all insurances required to be taken out under this clause (including certificates of currency from the insurer). We are also a strong believer in taking up conference insurance and different package options can be discussed upon appointment.

Risk assessment is an important part of any conference. Conferences are launched to take advantage of opportunities and with these opportunities come uncertainty and risk. The risk management plan addresses the process behind risk management and allows the Committee to identify, categorize, prioritize, and mitigate or avoid these risks ahead of time. Promaco Conventions uses this risk assessment to determine the probability and impact of each risk, determine if the risk can/should be avoided by making changes to the conference, plan an appropriate response, and catalogue risks and responses in the risk register.